Oh Say….Can They SING!!!

This week I am showing everyone 2 positive examples of Star Spangled Banner performances.  Both of these renditions had many things in common; the most obvious one is that they are both very young singers involved.  I figure if these little girls can do it, we adults should be able to do it also.  Years of experience has nothing to do with how well one can sing.  We just need to relax and sing naturally, which many children accomplish even better than adults do. Both of these songs stayed in the SAME KEY and they were both very well done.

This first example is a 7-year-old singing by herself.  The one advantage she has is that she is singing with accompaniment, which most SSB singers do not have.  However, she sang the entire song on pitch, with a relaxed tone.  She also backed off on the higher notes instead of trying to sing them in her “shout” or chest voice.  She is a very expressive little girl, very polished performer.  I hope you have a lot of money however if you want to hire her out to sing for you, her handlers charge thousands of dollars per appearance.

The second example is a group performance, which has its advantages.  However, each singer was so spectacular I couldn’t resist sharing this clip with you.  Their harmony is impeccable and they blend very well.  I don’t know if you noticed that there is a top harmony.  The high soprano part is so relaxed and on pitch that you hardly notice it is there.  It is especially impressive at the climax of the song “free” toward the end.  Their vowels matched as well as their pitch and volume.  Great job young ladies!

What does this mean to you and me? As adult solo singers, we have a lot we need to learn from these young people.  We tend to “add to” the natural production of the voice.  Think about it…does a baby have to be taught how to cry or scream?  They make high-pitched sounds without shouting or working hard at it.  They don’t get hoarse after crying for hours.  We “try” to sing “loud” and all we are doing is making ugly, loud, pitchy sounds and trashing our voices.  Lighten up, relax, and sing!

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Ann Paris

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