Flagler County Music Teacher Gives Away Hundreds Of Copies Of Her Singing Course During Shutdown

 As a chorus, dance, and theater director who was suddenly expected to switch to online classes, people have been asking me “How do you do it?” These are subjects that are very activity-oriented.  Frankly, this is what I was asking myself as I had merely 2 days to prepare for virtual teaching!

 As a vocal instructor and voice/acting coach for  20 years, I drew upon my past experience to think of ways to serve my current middle school students.  My goal has always been to make sure they are prepared to be successful in this highly competitive performance world, while many of them go on to audition for high school choirs, community and professional theaters, and dance teams.

 A few years ago, as my private voice studio was getting too full to be able to service the number of students I was able to meet with individually, I was asked to put my methods (which were transforming voices rapidly) into a format where I could reach more than one person at a time—the result?  My Book/Video/Audio Series “The Ann Paris Vocal Relaxation System” which had been selling on Amazon for a few years now. 

As I was thrust into sudden virtual school, I donated the vocal exercises from my Book Series  “The Ann Paris Vocal Relaxation System” to ALL of my Buddy Taylor Middle School Chorus and Musical Theater students.  In just a couple of months, I have had the pleasure of hearing voices transformed by students who are regularly practicing these exercises!  I am thrilled at the results! Click on the picture below for information on  the voice series my students are enjoying:

Vocal Relaxation Book

Some other exciting performance opportunities my incredible students have experienced have been our singing out the window projects!  We took the concept that was introduced by some endearing news articles from Italy.  Italians in quarantine were enjoying singing on the balconies of their apartments, so my students made their own version here in Palm Coast, Fl!  We had kids singing and dancing out their windows for neighbors walking by, in their screen rooms, in the pool, in their garages….and family and neighbors were LOVING it!  We offered prizes for “Most Audience Reaction” and “Most Creative”!  Below is a link to a little collage of these projects that we created. Click on the picture below to watch!

“Singing Out The Window Project”

We are currently working on a virtual concert to the song “Into the Unknown” that they will be performing with choreography, of course!  The title is certainly very relevant and timely, wouldn’t you agree?  The young artists I work with are choosing to be creative and spreading the JOY of music no matter what! Come visit our school website to see more of what have done recently.

Chorus Website

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