I apologize for not blogging much lately.  Christmas is a CRAZY time of year for performers as many of you know.  I have another excuse, I wanted to wait until the entire X-Factor season was over before I wrote a blog about it.  So here it is.

In my decades of experience in the entertainment industry, I have “benched” many potential performers not because they were not good enough as performers, but because of their rebellious and contentious attitude!  I believe Astro was one that I would have passed by for this very reason.  I am amazed that he made it as far on the X-Factor as he did.

First of all, he never SANG!!  I never actually heard him sing.  I believe that rapping is a marketable skill, however, he needs to be willing to sing as well, so he can combine the two skills when needed.  The more skills and styles you can do, the more marketable you are.

Secondly, he REFUSED to do the choreography session, and still made it into the finals!! What???  They did the first cut, which is understandable, then the next major cut was the Bootcamp “choreography session”.  The singers did not need to be fantastic dancers, but were taught a little combination, and all of the finalists made it through the episode and put in a fantastic effort, but Astro refused to do it!  I saw him refusing to do it, stating that he is a rapper, not a dancer—none of them were dancers.  So what makes him so special that he did not have to do it!  What a Brat!

Having read an interview with Astro about this choreography refusal he quotes:
“C’mon man, to be honest it’s kind of like, I had a mental image, and I’m a hip-hop artist, and the dances they were doing were crazy, all over the place, like video-shoot dancing. That wasn’t me. I wasn’t going to do it because I had to make sure my reputation wasn’t cheapened, and I’m held responsible to represent hip-hop as a young artist right now. So I didn’t want to do anything that might mess up the way people view me. I just stood my ground.”

Lastly, I was not at all surprised when he almost refused to perform when he had low voting numbers.  What is even more amazing is that he made it through a few more weeks after he pulled that stunt!  Who the heck voted for him?  In the real world there are hundreds of people waiting in the wings for your job who are just as qualified as you are, with a better attitude!

I also think that the children on this show were too immature to handle the huge amount of rejection that is inherent in the entertainment industry.  The format of this kind of  show is such an emotional rollercoaster, I just don’t think that any of the children were mature enough to handle it.  I would not have let my own children under 16 even enter it.  This kind of rejection is tough enough for adults, not to mention people with less life experience.

When Lakoda Rayne and Stacy Francis were voted off, I lost most of my desire to watch the rest of the season.  The others were O.K., but, like the past several seasons of American Idol, I couldn’t help but ask myself  “Are these the absolute BEST people that America can find?”  It is scary when I personally  know at least 12 people (in my small area here in Central Florida) who are better than all of the finalists.

The best vocal show in my opinion is “The Sing Off”.  All of the finalists were of a  highly professional quality.  It was entertaining, fun and the singers were extremely talented!  I think I will save that show for my next blog.

Merry Christmas everyone–get some rest and have a great 2012!

Ann Paris



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