Auto-Tuning Exposed Oh MY!

I don’t think most people really know that currently “auto-tuning” is done in almost every famous singer’s live performance as well as most T.V. shows and movies featuring vocalists.  GLEE does it, PITCH PERFECT did it, AMERICAN IDOL does it, they all do it!  I loved the a cappella show that put the Pentatonix on the map, THE SING OFF.  But when I heard rumors that even they auto-tuned, I was disappointed, to say the least.  

For those who don’t know what “auto-tuning” is, it is when the technicians can bend pitches electronically to make out of tune pitches match.  Evidently the technology is so good these days, that the sound men can “fix” almost anything even during a live performance!  Wow-what a treat!  You mean, if I want to be a star, I don’t have to learn to sing on pitch?  It seems that if you get famous enough and can pack out a stadium, this is true!

It is tough as a music educator for live students to sound even close to the high quality that an auto-tuned GLEE version of a song produces.  There is great pressure by audiences for live amateurs to sound just like the soundtracks that they hear–which are totally doctored up.  

Here is an example of Mariah Carey’s performance, with the auto-tuning and “electronic gymnastics” REMOVED:

Mariah Carey WITHOUT Auto-tuning

Compare that with this sample of the same performance WITH the technicians “magic”!

Mariah Carey WITH auto-tuning

Magic is exactly what it is!  It is amazing what technicians can do these days.  Sometimes when a popular singer is “under the weather” they can totally lip-synch the entire performance and the audience never knows. So it really is a concert showing off the talent of the technician, not the singer!  That is what the industry is becoming.  I hope this trend fades away soon, I LOVE to see and hear new talent, REAL talent!

The reason I train voices and have my vocal system for sale is to SAVE voices before they get so damaged that they need auto-tuning in order to sound decent!  Even the best of vocal stars need to keep training and using their voices correctly (something that many singing stars NEVER learn), is so they can consistently produce  a quality sound without losing their voices.  Stars like Adelle, Keith Urban, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, and Elton John  are just a few who have had to undergo surgery for polyps developed in the throat.  There are many more who probably need something done due to much strain on the voice.  

As with any 2 parts of our body that rub together, callouses develop.  This is happening when people over-sing and when there is stress in the muscles of the throat.  That is why I have developed the Ann Paris Vocal Relaxation System–pointing out the importance of the neck, face and body RELAXING while singing.  This system leads to a more relaxed (NOT breathy) sound, a naturally longer vocal range, and clearer focus to the voice.

I wish all budding vocalists out there a happy HEALTHY career, check out the website and get started so you won’t have to be “auto-tuned” at your next concert or event!

To your success…

Ann Paris

Relaxed Singing System



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