I have been wanting to write about a very interesting experience I had just recently at Disney Springs, Fl. with American Idol Auditions.  As a local prominent vocal coach, I was contacted by their producers to recommend students to audition.  I rounded up some of my very qualified students who were at least 16 years of age and got them to the audition.  It was very different than the auditions I had seen on the early Idol auditions in various towns across the U.S.   Usually auditions are at an air conditioned hotel ballroom, but here in Orlando, they were outside in tents at Disney Springs.  I would LOVE to know the answer to that question…Wow–was it HOT!! 


Another thing I noticed was the CROWDS!  It was HOT and yet there were thousands of people there vying for the few spots that were going to Hollywood. 


It was amazing that they could possibly sing after spending so much time waiting in line!  I don’t know exactly what they are looking for.  I wish there was a “rubric” so I could know what they wanted because I sent them some VERY capable, versatile, amazing talent and they took only a FEW people out of the thousands of people they heard that day.  Some came with instruments and most came just to sing, but (from too far away), I heard a lot of amazing singers.


Getting insight from my students, I noticed some interesting things: 1. One of the students I sent told me that a guy from her group got a ticket to Hollywood.  He had already been on the show “Boy Band”.  I guess success breeds success, or they needed young looking boys  2. There were some “bad sports” with really bad attitudes who, having been”rejected”, were putting on a show of their own, which was probably largely the reason they were rejected to begin with (not to mention they lacked quality training, voice quality, etc.).  3. Best of all, NONE of my students regretted a MINUTE of the experience of auditioning.  They all said it was a great experience and they met many very interesting people.  I don’t regret the experience either! 


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